Decontamination to NZS 8510: We are professional, trained and efficient remediation & reinstatement contractors. We are experienced with decontamination in all property types across the country. We take steps to avoid damage to your property while complying with NZS_8510. Our priority is to get your property healthy with as little pain as possible and we work with landlords, property managers, insurers, testers and other stakeholders to ensure this.

Testing: If your property has been lab-tested and shown up positive above 1.5µg, contact us and we can help by creating a plan and providing a quote. We scrutinise test results on a daily basis and can help interpret them for you and create a remediation plan from remediation to reinstatement. If you suspect contamination and have not had testing undertaken, we can help to arrange an independent screen or detailed test with one of our trusted independent testers.

The Standards: We combine accepted industry methods with new-age technologies to undertake efficient cleaning. Our fine oxidative mist penetrates surfaces and hones in on the organic compound of methamphetamine. Our approach leads to decreased deadweight loss to help your property get back to a lettable state. We guarantee our results, so if there is a positive response, we will return and complete matters at no cost.

The Process: Unless your property has been affected by methamphetamine manufacturing (or has similar levels), then the majority of surfaces can be cleaned without removal. The standards require us to remove absorbent surfaces as these cannot be tested. Each property has its own quirks so, please contact us to discuss.

Our Approach: It is always best to talk about the intricacies of your property and scrutinise any testing that has been undertaken so that we can fully understand your position and develop the best solution. We understand the stresses involved as we have ourselves been in the unenviable position of being owners of a contaminated property. Be it a pre-purchase inquiry or a full decontamination inquiry, do not hesitate to make contact. 

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