We are a professional, trained and efficient decontamination company. We avoid damage to your property where possible while complying with NZS 8510, newly released by Standards New Zealand.

See our methodology video here. Also see our article on Meth Cleaning Companies here.

The bottom line is that unless your property has been affected by methamphetamine manufacturing (or has similar levels), then the majority of surfaces can be cleaned without removal (unless absorbent contents).

We combine accepted industry methods with new-age technologies to undertake cleaning which reduces the treatment time, while neutrilising the organic compound of methamphetamine and leading to decreased deadweight loss associated with this business.

See our ESR validation and previous case studies here.

It is always best to talk about the intricacies of your property so that we can understand your position. Be it a pre-purchase inquiry or a full decontamination inquiry quote, do not hesitate to make contact.