We are a specialist meth decontamination and p cleaning company. Our technology allows us to clean contaminated homes; faster than any of our competitors in the market.

We were established in 2016, after one of our founders’ home was contaminated with P, after a rental gone horribly wrong. Once receiving many different quotes from overpriced and underqualified decontamination companies, Guy was forced to look into the job himself. Partnering with Angus McKenzie, a lawyer who’s skillset was solving complicated issues, the team looked abroad and found industry breaking technology that was used in the medical industry. After years of testing, Meditech now is the most competitive solution in the market and allows homeowners, renters, property managers and many New Zealand organisations to get their assets back on track.

Meditech specialise in:

Meth decontamination
P Sterilisation
P cleaning
Decontamination of motor vehicles, caravans and many more

For a specialised quote and a friendly chat, reach out to one of our team today!